Know How to Enjoy


Your intellect and know-how are not to be disputed, but the most important knowledge you possess is not anything you learned in school, but the inner wisdom that allows you to enjoy life at every turn. Lapis is said to bring wisdom to the wearer, but, in this case, it would only be amplifying the already-awesome. (And who doesn't love that idea?!) We are over-the-moon for these out-of-this-world lapis beads--their deep blue beauty and raw, earthy elegance are rarities in this world (like you!) and we added only a small gilt brass bead from India between each to allow for a more graceful drape of the strands...and for a hint of glittering glamour here and there among them. (Again, who doesn't love that add-to-the-awesome idea?!) At the side is a vintage rhinestone flower brooch by Kandell and Marcus of New York, quality craftsmanship in costume jewelry with pinwheel petals to boot. A gilt copper hook clasps the design at back. Measures 18.5" in length, shortest strand.
$ 358.00
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