Kindness and Tenacity


It's a rare mix of beauty that you bring to life: an effortless kindness that combines with a fierce tenacity, allowing you to accept and love others as much and as loyally as you value yourself.  Such a gift, and we pay homage to your unique spirit in a design that captures elements of both characteristics.  Dotted bone beads from Kenya are contagiously cheerful, a sweet kindness about them that only brings a smile, and they provide the perfect setting for a collection of vintage carved bone pendants we discovered on a recent vintage adventure.  The charms feature inlaid brass decoration, a dotted design that echoes the beads, but rendered with a bit of edge and toughness that would be disarming but for the playful nature of the overall look.  You pull off the duality well, my dear: as endearing and gorgeous as you are a force with which to be reckoned.  Measures 21" in length with a gilt copper floral clasp at back.
$ 388.00
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