Just Blooms


Somewhere along the way, we stumbled upon a quote that goes something like, "The flower doesn't worry about the flower next to it; it just blooms." We couldn't agree more, and when we found this vintage bloom (a brooch) at a favorite flea market this summer, we fell instantly for its unique petals, gorgeous golden center, and beautiful blue hue.  Though we were tempted to pair it with another blossom, it seemed perfectly content and confident on its own, just blooming without concern of competition or comparison. That, we think, is beautiful. And with some striped strands comprised of African glass beads, it's a design in which you'll truly delight. (Plus, the flower may be removed and worn elsewhere...or the strands on their own!) Measures 19.5" with the cutest gilt copper flower clasp at back.
$ 238.00
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