Joyful Appearance

Elva Fields

A happy harbinger of spring (and all things hopeful, we think) a butterfly always makes a joyful appearance anywhere it alights, and this incredible pendant is no exception. We first spotted this vintage Asian creation last year and passed it by (it was at the end of our buying trip, and we'd sworn off any further purchases several times at that point) but thought of it ever since. When this winged wonder resurfaced on a trip earlier this month, we happily brought her back, knowing we had just the beads to join the fun. Together with beautifully-carved ovals of aqua terra jasper, the silver stunner shows the most captivating and breathtaking repoussé decoration, and - in a true hallmark of exceptional craftsmanship - is just as beautiful at back as it is from the front. From punched patterns and scrolling foliage to a pair of flitting fish, there is so much to enjoy in this spectacular pendant. (And we didn't even mention its gorgeous cabochon gem at center in the most beautiful blue hue we've seen in some time...if you don't count the beads!) A statement-making style, this one brings joy to every occasion. Measures 19" in length (pendant is approximately 5" in length and width) with a silvered copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 368.00
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