It Takes A Village


Life, love, and everything in-between takes a village, and as we gathered and collected these vintage heart buttons and charms - from early 20th-century Bakelite to 1930s glass - we kept thinking about all the beautifully-varying ways love shows up. The marvelous mix of color, texture, material, and style here are a village of loveliness together, and, against a backdrop of glittering crystal, (we're loving the golden and white mix in the beads' finishes)  the overall effect is sparkling and wonderful, Inspirational, really. With a vintage goldtone metal leaf clasp at back, the necklace measures from 18 to 19.5" in length.


As part of our Valentine Collection, $5 of the purchase price of this necklace will be donated to Love My Neighbor, a non-profit organization based in Taylorsville, Kentucky that offers clothing and household goods to families in need. 

$ 228.00
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