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We recently discovered a small collection of antique and vintage combs from Japan, each showing the most wonderful painted decoration across its lacquered surface, and some with tiny inlaid shell, gold, or silver elements. The detail and beauty of each comb is at once serene and stunning, the reverse as lovely as the front. (Honestly, we could gaze at these for hours and continue to find details to adore.) Needless to say, we fell in love and immediately determined that the combs would make marvelous pendants, and here we are.

This particular comb features ochre, gold, and tomato red decoration on a black ground, beautiful, elongated leaves punctuated by gold lines and inlaid abalone bringing subtle shimmer to one of the leaves to draw the eye in. Paired with luminously lovely tiger's eye beads, the necklace measures 20.5" in length with a gilt copper toggle clasp at back. (Comb measures approximately 4" x 2")

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