In Harmony


All is aligned and in harmony among these beautiful beads, evoking a sense of serenity and vibrancy in strands of African glass. A mix from Nigeria and Ghana, most of these beads are antique lovelies with unique shape and color rarely seen on our buying adventures these days. Combining rich coral reds, deep blues, and even some lighthearted pink and orange, the five-strand line-up is (we think) nothing short of spectacular, and may be worn wonderfully on its own. Even better, a vintage brass brooch may be pinned front and center to the strands, showing off a dynamic floral duo with blue glass gems that shimmer and shine. (Or perhaps choose to wear the brooch elsewhere - on a jacket or favorite dress - for good measure?) A gilt copper and blue glass jeweled clasp brings the look together at back, measuring 18.5" in overall length.

$ 268.00
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