In Awe of Charisma


Some gals, they just have that something- that spectacular sense of know-how and an ability to talk to anyone about anything with a bright smile and sense of pretty poise... From what we know, that's called top-notch charisma!  Well, a lady like yourself has a lot of marvelous moxie and you deserve a style perfectly suited just so.  You'll form a dynamic duo with these jewels, as eighteen strands of iridescent sparkling coral-pink crystal are adorned by a spectacular vintage rhinestone brooch. This glimmering brooch is in amazing condition with immaculate sparkle!  You can just as easily remove this adornment and let the strands stand on their own, either way, we know you'll be truly awe-inspiring. Fastening with a vintage rhinestone adjustable hook (yes, we had to add just one more hint of sparkle) this gorgeous style measures from 24 to 25.5 inches overall. 

$ 378.00
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