Imperfection Unnoticed


Our favorite friends are the ones who not only forgive our faults, but often overlook them entirely, giving us grace and love when we need it most. This brooch will ever remind us of those best kinds of people to have in life, because when we snagged it at a favorite antique mall last month, we adored its style so much that we didn't even notice it was missing one of its finials. (We're betting you didn't either, until we pointed it out!) At first, we considered setting it aside, but what better way to honor the unconditional love in life than to find beauty in the design despite its imperfection. So, here it is, a vintage faux jade jeweled brooch among strands of sandy quartz beads. A gilt copper toggle at back completes the look at 17.5" in length.
$ 208.00
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