I is for Insect


A forever favorite find, it was the delightful details of this little insect that caught our eye at the flea market, and we continue to relish in the incredible workmanship and endless beauty found in such a small-but-mighty design.  From curling gold-filled wire legs to glass-jeweled accents, the beautiful beetle is an incredible work of art by jeweler Harry Iskin (marked HI) that likely dates to the 1940s.  To honor such a wonder, we paired the bug with three strands of stunning gemstone beads (including opal, amethyst, chalcedony, chrysoprase, and aquamarine) and finished the look with a gilt copper and glass jeweled clasp at back.  A reminder of the beauty all around us, even in the tiniest of creations.  Measures 18" in length.
$ 288.00
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