Hopeful Heartbeats


We could hardly contain ourselves when we spied these beads at market a few weeks ago--to say our heart skipped a beat is an understatement.  Between their saturated hue (come on, that red? amazing!) stunning scale (each one of those beads is nearly two inches wide!) and playful pattern (we collected rocks as a child, the fascination has never faded) we were instantly captivated. To preserve the rare beauty of the beads and (hopefully) offer to you what they brought to us upon discovery, we simply added faceted brass beads and a clasp.  Well, not just any clasp.  This stunner was found about an hour after the beads, and we hadn't seen one like it in years.  Rendered in sterling silver and then layered in 18 karat gold, the intricately-patterned toggle brings the beauty and the skill to clasp such striking strands with elegance and strength.  Measures 17.5" in length.

PLEASE NOTE: This one is a favorite, but it's heavy.  Not for the faint of heart or neck.  Also, the beads are color-enhanced turquoise that have been treated with a sealant to preserve the red hue...HOWEVER...in some cases (rare, but they happen, so we want to be transparent here) certain perfumes, lotions, and oils have been known to penetrate the sealant's finish and cause transfer of color to skin and/or clothing.  We recommend wearing this one with dark fabrics, just to be sure.

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