Hopeful Flourishing


A symbol of hope, butterflies bring an inspiring beauty to life, so we're always willing to include one in a design, no matter the time of year. Though fall isn't necessarily a time for these winged wonders, they are happy harbingers, signaling beautiful things ahead, and when we stumbled upon this gorgeously-filigreed brooch, we couldn't resist. The intricate details of the silver wires wound by hand are mind-boggling, the lace-like wings nothing short of stunningly awesome in craftsmanship and style. Butterflies, including this antique example, are like the loveliest miracles. Paired with strands of patterned glass beads from Africa, we love the muted dusty blues with the patinated silver, and the bits of brightness in yellow dots bring a peek at cheer that is always possible. A silvered copper hook clasps the necklace at back, measuring 18" in length overall.
$ 308.00 $ 278.00
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