Hope to Guide Us


A harbinger of happy moments ahead, a butterfly is also symbol of hope and joy, of possibility and beauty, and it seems we're really offering the inspiration (and a non-stop reminder) in this latest lovely with butterflies at literally every turn. Jade - in shades of green, yellow, and maybe the faintest hint of apricot-pink - is carved into butterflies, wings outstretched in delightful detail. The butterfly beads span nine strands with faceted brass beads from India that bring the most glamorous golden touch to the drape. At front center is a vintage Lucite and goldtone metal butterfly pendant, its pale golden yellow wings a beautiful blend with the hues of the jade above and among them. Truly remarkable and full of hope, this one makes a statement far beyond its stylishness. Measures 18" in length (shortest strand) with a gilt copper clasp at back.

$ 358.00
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