Her Charm and Grace


Blushing and bashful, these pale pink crystal beads are such a stylish shade, the faintest hint of gray to temper their sweetness a bit. (We wouldn't want to be too saccharine, right? A little edge with your elegance!) Eight strands of the beads create a stylish and delightful drape, but the real beauty of the design falls to the vintage buckle that serves as the necklace's clasp. Made of textured brass, the buckle shows off an arrangement of faceted glass jewels in rich hues of amber, eggplant, and royal blue. Whether the buckle is worn at the side of the strands or around back to allow the beads to stand alone, the versatility and playful sophistication of the overall design will charm and glimmer. Measures 20" in length.


$ 248.00
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