Happy and Hopeful


Two qualities we love to see in others: that they're happy and they're hopeful. Two things we love about this necklace? The beads, the jeweled awesome at front center, the joy it exudes, the...yep, more than two things. When we spied this vintage dress clip at auction, we fingers-crossed-please hoped it would be ours. Truly, in 13-ish years of vintage adventures, we hadn't seen anything quite like this lovely, its color scheme, the combination of rhinestones and glass gems...it's just so, well, you know--happy and hopeful! We were tempted to pair it with some black beads, just to allow those colors to really pop, but once we snagged these pinky-coral fossil jasper beauties at market, it was clear we'd found the right fit. Altogether, it's a look that just brings a good feeling. We hope you'll agree. Measures 17.5" in length with green jeweled gilt copper box clasp at back.


$ 308.00
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