Grounded in Thought and Style


Oh, how fun is this gathering of gorgeous?! With one foot on the ground, the rest is clearly in the beautiful clouds of creativity above, combining droplets of emerald green glass, striped resin beads from Africa, antique glass beads from Nigeria, sparkling black crystal, and even a few glass beads from Ghana. And not to stop there, the vintage party at the side is at once thoughtful and stylish, hinting via hue at the beads they join, but also elevating with sparkle and jeweled regality. Two pairs of vintage earrings (both glass-jeweled, one in green beads, the other in smoky topaz glass gems) and a brooch of citrine-like rhinestones is likely an Austrian beauty that dates to the 50s. Even at back, the clasp joins the fun in a citrine-glass-jeweled gilt copper design that connects the strands at 19" in length, shortest strand.
$ 308.00
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