Golden Starshine


One of a pair of gorgeous mother-of-pearl buckles we found (happily!) at a flea market last month, we turned this carved crescent downward and created a pendant for some of our all-time favorite beads. The golden brass--hand-wrought in Mali by talented artisans known for their skill--provides a subtle contrast to the patinated silver metal star-like studs dotting the shimmery surface of the early-20th-century shell buckle. (Also, we should note, the saucer beads are hollow, so the wearability of this lightweight lovely is nothing short of wonderful!) We love the multi-metal effect and couldn't be more thrilled with the overall look. In a flattering, longer length of 21.5", the necklace clasps with a gilt copper toggle at back.


See the silver version of this style, with the mate to this antique buckle, here.

$ 288.00 $ 248.00
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