Going to the Party


All dressed up in your prettiest pearls, you're going to the party and sure to shine.  A collection of vintage costume pearls came our way from an estate this summer, and we immediately envisioned a way to keep them all together, rather than separating the strands after all the time they'd shared together in a pink velvet jewelry box.  Tangled, corroded, and with disintegrating strings and broken clasps, we knew they were beauties to behold and began to restore them a bit.  Though some show certain signs of age--their luminous finish worn from wear or water, some slightly chipped, even missing pieces of their pearly shell--we wanted to keep it real and cherish the experience of each.  Fifteen strands in all, you'll see many shapes, sizes, and shades, and it's a party you won't want to miss, at once elegant and authentic and lovely.  A gilt copper clasp fastens the various strands at 18.5"
$ 288.00
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