Gal Who Goes For It


We have an inkling you're the kind of gal who goes for it in life and love--no holding back, jumping right in, your confidence and strength a shining inspiration for those around you.  Celebrate your all-in style and spirit with a jewel that reflects such charisma and boldness.  Seven strands of faceted iridescent gunmetal crystal offer flash and shimmering sparkle, but remain gorgeously grounded in their darker hues, the perfect backdrop for a collection of vintage glass jeweled earrings.  We couldn't take our eyes off this colorful combination once we put the pieces together on our design table (a happy accident for which we're forever grateful!) and their quirky-but-entirely-awesome mix will bring cheer and inspiration to your happy days.  Between the pink-orange givre glass lovelies to the flash of aqua in the pair by Elizabeth Morrey, you'll revel in their festive nature.  Clasped at back by  a hammered silver toggle from Thailand, the necklace measures 18.5" in overall length.
$ 338.00
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