From Hither, There and Yon


For many far-flung families, the holidays are an annual gathering of relatives from far and wide.  Much like your traveling kin, the elements of this look came from very different places, but feel the most 'at home' together.  A colorful collection of Nepalese and African stone and glass beads (mostly red with dashes of blue, white, and green) beautifully represent their old-world origins.  Sitting in sparkling contrast at the front, a vintage goldtone compact straight from the city (by S.F. Co. Fifth Avenue) with a glitter lucite lid opens to reveal the original mirror and puff inside.  Although each element is gorgeous on its own, when brought together they really shine.  A gold vermeil and mother of pearl clasp unifies the look at the back.  Whether you are coming from hither or there, there's no place quite as beautiful as home, and no one quite as lovely as family. 
$ 318.00
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