Friendship Pins

Elva Fields

Remembering our initial foray into the jewelry biz (at age 6) with safety pins and inexpensive plastic beads, we're bringing the friendship pin back again--this time with a bit more style and glam to the mix.  (Well, we hope.)

Sold in sets of three, each 2.5" gilt metal pin is adorned with an assortment of beautiful beads from our studio collections. One might find a 150-year-old African glass bead alongside a Chinese cloisonné enamel design and stacked above a lapis or turquoise beauty, just below a carved skull of magnesite.

Each line-up is hand-selected and entirely one of a kind, and though we hope you'll enjoy the random fun of it all (with a touch of "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit" kinda outlook,) we're happy to take requests and accommodate when and where we can.  Just drop us a line in the gift note section at checkout or send us an email, and we'll be in touch.

As for how and when to wear them? Among our favorite ways: on a tote, grouped gorgeously on your go-to sweater, or lining up on a lapel...they're the perfect fun and fashionable addition anywhere.

$ 18.00
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