Flutter on By


Free as a breeze, you flutter on by as you alight here and there to mix and mingle, to charm and cheer. You're such the butterfly, bringing beauty and charm to all around you. Truth: we discovered this buckle at auction and nearly fainted when we did. Between the rich hues and impeccable craftsmanship, the enamelwork is stunningly splendid. And you know that idea that a design can be just as beautiful at back as its front? Definitely the case here, the reverse of the buckle showing the most wonderful shade of turquoise we've seen in a while. All those pinks and blues had us seeing stars...or stripes, evidently, because we brought these African glass beads home from market without any idea about how we'd use them...until this buckle came into our life and they lived happily ever after. Measures 18" in length.
$ 328.00
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