Flushed and Smiling


To say that we grabbed these beads and hugged them when we saw them wouldn't be an exaggeration or even an untruth. In fact, "grabbed" might not be a strong enough word. We loved them so much, we purchased all we could find to create this long, layered lovely of a statement style with the most beautiful blushing beads we'd seen in a while. Polished nuggets of rhodochrosite alternate with gilt brass beads from India to create a stunningly simple look that would be as amazing at a gala event as they would with jeans for your run-around chic Wednesday.  The drape is nothing short of delightful, the shade of pink no less than swoon-worthy, and the overall effect is simply stunning. Measures 27.5", shortest strand, with a gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 288.00
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