Flash of Fun


Nothing if not a flash of fun, this one hits all the highlights from color to iridescence. Combining beads of African glass, magnesite, resin, jasper, glass, sodalite, crystal, fossil jasper, turquoise, African vinyl, and Indian brass, you'd think the strands brought enough of a stylish statement to hold their own. (I mean, who knew six strands could show such variety?!) But you know we here at Elva are fans of the "more is more" kind of style, so of course we couldn't let those beads fend for themselves: we added a vintage brooch-and-earrings set in the most stunning Aurora Borealis rhinestones we've seen! The overall effect is charismatic and mesmerizing…and entirely fun. A gilt copper clasp at back, the necklace measures 18" in length, shortest strand.

$ 358.00
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