Finding Luck Together


Full disclosure: we started this necklace in November with every intention of releasing it as part of our Holiday Collection last year. We got as far as the five strands and the happy trio of clover, horse, and heart, when we realized the design just seemed to be missing something. Set aside all these months, the discovery of a vintage rhinestone star at auction sparked a sense of renewal and revisiting - it was just the gem needed to round out the original group, and now they seem to be a sparkling and lucky crew that we can't imagine otherwise. 

The beads of ribbed glass show swirls of an almost neon red, and the glittering rhinestones play off the tiny Indian silver beads throughout the strands. A vintage rhinestone clasp at back is adjustable from 17.5 to 19" in overall length, and we're betting this one will bring luck and joy to whoever wears it...all in good time.

$ 248.00 $ 168.00
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