Finding Grace and Goodness


You encompass such graceful decorum, and your benevolence rarely goes unnoticed.  All in all, you are the epitome of ladylike elegance with the strong heart to match.  These notions in mind, we hoped for a style both exquisite and enduring in a trio of faceted black and beige giraffe print glass bead strands.  (It's been said that the giraffe is a symbol of grace and elegance, so the pattern seems quite fitting, indeed!) Sparkling at the side of the strands sits a vintage rhinestone brooch, its black and white jewels a nice contrast, especially with the tiny black crystals amidst the necklace's beads.  Attaching with a silvered copper and black glass clasp, this elegant endeavor measures 18.5" in length. 

$ 228.00
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