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A niche, a place to call home, a cozy corner of the earth--find your spot and make it beautiful.  This is certainly the inspiration behind one of our favorite necklaces--a combination of vibrant color, happy whimsy, and a unique spirit.  A vintage black-jeweled butterfly nestles among vintage "Kiffa" beads, made entirely by hand by skilled women in the West African country of Mauritania ("Kiffa" refers to the town where most of these beads were originally made.)  The process to create these richly-hued, spotted glass beads is both painstaking and dwindling, which makes them (and the drive to cultivate your own rare talent) all the more treasured.  A gold vermeil and black crystal toggle clasp joins the strands at approximately 18" long overall (shortest strand.)

$ 348.00 $ 278.00
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