Fiesta Forever


The party never ends with this pair of amazing vintage "diorama" brooches, perhaps made by Coro and likely from the 1940s. Crafted with whimsy, ingenuity, and clever charm--not to mention wonderful quality--these brooches show captivating scenes of old Mexico, complete with a cactus, sombreros, a dress-clad dancer playing in a band, and a lonesome cowboy with his saddle. Remarkable in figural detail, though with some visible losses to the enamel finish here and there, these are such rare and unique finds--we've never seen anything like them in our 13 years of treasure hunting for vintage jewels. And a pair?! A treasure, indeed. We've simply pinned the duo across strands of glossy, polished black onyx, allowing you to enjoy the brooches featured on the black backdrop of a necklace or to opt to wear them elsewhere to adorn and delight. A gilt copper toggle clasps the design at 18.5" in length.
$ 348.00
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