Escaped Me

Elva Fields

The original necklace in which these glittering green gems were featured launched as part of our Summer Collection in 2010, complete with three strands of polished wood beads. (You'll find the link to its original listing below.) No doubt we'll find a way to create another necklace with those beautiful beads soon, but here we focused on the two-tone verdant brooches and earrings - two brooches, one pair of earrings, all by Beau Jewels and likely dating to the 1950s. We wanted to give them a bit more glam and glitter, so we decided to pair them with five strands of faceted jet-black crystal beads, complete with vintage green Japanese glass beads at back from an unused Miriam Haskell stash. The glittering is, we think, even more gorgeous, and a gilt copper clasp at back finishes the look at 19" length, shortest strand.

 link: Original Listing (now listed in our online Archives)

$ 288.00
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