Endless Blessings


Now remember, we don't pick favorites around here, but if we did, this might be in the running. Yes, because of its irresistible coral and blush color combo, and, yes, because ladybugs are a symbol of luck and good fortune, and, yes - the flowers! On the bug's wings and in the shape of the glass beads...and, yes, we must say, the substantial, satisfying heft of nine strands with this solid vintage buckle is nothing short of wonderful. But it's the way all of these combine to create a necklace that hits all the highlights: meaning, style, craftsmanship, whimsy, color, and creativity. We can't help smiling about this one.

The beads are crafted from antique molds using a time-honored Czech artisan technique in pressed glass, and the buckle is a design by Mimi di Niscemi from 1975 that feels fresh even today. Whether the buckle is worn at the side or at back, it's a look that is unforgettably charming. Measures 18" length, shortest strand. 

$ 358.00
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