On Golden Sandy Shore


Landlocked as we are, we often dream of days spent with our toes in warm, golden sand, the lap of waves in our ear.  Capturing the warmth and essence of a beautiful shoreline, beads of polished sandy quartz are strung with golden pewter for a bit of glimmer.  A faux carved ivory jeweled brooch by famed costume jeweler Miriam Haskell (known for delicately detailed hand-wired arrangements) is as unique and detailed as a seashell - and right in tune with our sea-inspired theme. The triple-lobed brooch, with its gorgeous golden setting (cannot get enough of that zig-zag like edging to each faux ivory bead!) is complimented at the back by a vintage brass hook showing a similar pattern. Measuring approximately 20" overall, this truly one-of-a-kind design provides the perfect escape for your every day style.  

$ 348.00
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