Emerge All the Better


Such a fantastic feeling to break free, spread those wings, and emerge all the better after a time of not-so-awesome. Among a dizzying array of dots, dashes, and delight in beads of bone from Kenya, a beautiful, bejeweled butterfly brooch by famed costume jewelry firm Regency soars spectacularly into possibility at the side, the playful pattern only emphasizing the rich hues of the butterfly's glittering wings. Opal-like, amber, and black combine to create a just-right-for-fall hint of glamour, and we love that the brooch may be removed and worn elsewhere (a black cashmere sweater, anyone???) and the beads can enjoy some fun on their own. Versatility and a metaphor all in one necklace? All the better. Measures 19.5" in length with a gilt copper box clasp at back.
$ 288.00
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