Earthly Wonder, Celestial Sparkle


We held on to these beautiful antique African glass beads (rare lovelies we hadn't ever seen before) for some time, waiting for just the right vintage assortment with which to pair them...yet nothing seemed fitting. They sat in our studio for months. Slowly, we began to acquire a pair of rhinestone earrings here, a pair of 1930s buttons there, a floral brooch...and the collection formed itself unexpectedly. (As often the best things in life do!)  Somehow the gathering of these disparate vintage elements lends a unique elegance to the beads, themselves with wonderfully-unique pressed and painted patterns of stars, dots, and circles that are at once whimsical and charming. A celestial sparkle amongst earthly wonder.  A glass-jeweled gilt copper clasp adds its own touch of golden glimmer to the design, measuring a flattering 20" in length.
$ 338.00 $ 298.00
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