Earthly Beauty


We may be surrounded by vintage sparkle on a daily basis (a fact we do not mind at all) but we are quickly humbled every time we step outside our studio door. From the blues in the sky, the greens (or reds depending on the season) in the trees, to the tiniest flowers that poke their heads up against unspeakable odds, the attention to detail and loving care that's displayed in the masterpiece of nature is a quick reminder to us that's we're merely accessories to this meticulously created landscape. Taking inspiration from the masterful Mother Nature coins of polished chrysoprase, in various and natural shade of green and brown are strung in four lovely strands. A vintage rhinestone and costume pearl brooch provides an unexpected touch of glamour at the side, adding an air of whimsy to this naturally inspired piece. A vintage rhinestone clasp sparkles at the back of this earthly beauty allowing for an adjustable length range of 18.5-20." 
$ 268.00
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