Dotted with Daisies


Thanks to our mild winter, our southern yards have already started sprouting patches of green (it's not all blue down here) grass, giving us hope that soon we'll see our fields spotted with the bright white of daisy heads. Until those warmer days come, however, we're happy to fill the void with this sprightly sunny style. Two strands of yellow resin teardrops (inlaid with gorgeous bits of mother-of-pearl) are strung together with yellow wood and glass beads, creating a haphazardly free-falling style.  Blooming prettily at the side, a vintage brooch of enamel daisies (reminiscent of our favorite sunny-day florals) stands out against the yellow backdrop.  Despite the bits of wear to the enamel along the petals' edges, we love the vintage reminder that beauty comes with age.  Measuring 18” and completed at the back by a gold vermeil ball clasp, we're already counting down the days until spring's debut.  

$ 188.00
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