May I Have This Dance


Oh, the treasures we find on our vintage adventures! And this one was a true gem. We have a thing for vintage ephemera, from ticket stubs to accounting ledgers, postcards, old brochures and invitations...we're always flipping through them on our hunts. No surprise, we were immediately smitten with this find, a dance card souvenir from a 1931 prom. Suspended from brass snake vertebrae beads (inspired by the glass originals from Africa) and black onyx beads, the hardcover booklet features a golden dragon on the glossy black ground and contains pages for recording waltz and fox-trot dance partners. Truly, they don't make them like this anymore, and we love that the sentimental souvenir from a long-ago dance is now a stunning pendant for its next spin on the dance floor. Measures 18" in overall length with a gilt copper box clasp at back.
$ 278.00
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