DIY Necklace Kit / BLUE


Make a necklace of your very own at home! We're putting together our very first-ever DIY kits to send some love and light your way in the form of beautiful beads and bright colors. Great for kiddos (suggested age 6 and up) and adults alike!

Each limited-edition kit will include:

  • adjustable satin tassel cord (for the back of the necklace - one size fits all!)
  • assorted colorful beads (randomly selected from our collections - each kit will be entirely unique!)
  • wire and crimps (for bead stringing)
  • mini crimp tool (for finishing and attaching your beaded wire to the necklace)
  • access to downloadable/printable instructions (and, hopefully soon, a video)
  • a plain pouch for decorating 
  • a decorated logo pouch for storing your tools and materials

* These are being offered on a "Pay What You Can" model, so please select (from the options below) the amount you can pay - the hope is that some will offer more for those who can't. And, if you don't see a price listed that you would like to pay, please email us and let us know - we would be glad to customize an amount just for you. 



$ 10.00
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