Details to Her Elegance


Oh, the details to her elegance are revealed here in such subtlety, it's easy to overlook the wonder of it all.  Two strands of matte-finished agate beads, their crystal geode centers exposed here and there in artful and organic style, are joined by a Victorian buckle element.  The soft, muted gray and golden hues of the stone are echoed in the gently faded gilding across the silver filigreed surface of the hinged buckle plaques, the intricately coiled and curving design barely hinting at its over 100-year-old age. Adorning the buckle are gems of beautiful coral-colored glass, and the addition of coral and coral glass beads among the agate rounds reference this touch of color in the design. Walking that line of sophisticated and uniquely stylish, the necklace measures a flattering 21.5" in length without a clasp.
$ 258.00 $ 238.00
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