Delightful with Dancing Shoes


Delightful with dancing shoes, fabulous with matter the occasion, you're sure to impress and enjoy.  Two strands of faux coral barrel beads (Love the color, love the faux-carved mermaids!  Yes, mermaids.) alternate with vintage faceted coral celluloid beads, creating a spot-on-for-spring backdrop for a pair of vintage faux pearl and jeweled brooches.  We can't seem to get enough of these Beau Jewel-inspired designs that incorporate wavy, luminous costume pearls (imitating baroque styles) and iridescent rhinestones.  They are lustrous and gorgeous, and two is twice the fun.  A gold vermeil triple flower brooch clicks into place at back, at approximately 19" long overall.  Take a spin or hit the road...have fun along the way...decadent, demure, dazzling.

$ 278.00
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