Decadently She Goes


We've no doubt this one will easily fall into place among your essentials this season and beyond, with its mix of metallics creating quite the go-anywhere style. Combining brass from India and Mali, crystal, pyrite, and glass, the quartet of beaded strands is clasped by an Art Deco buckle of incomparable elegance and grace. Composed of unfoiled cut crystal (referring to the gems' lack of a metallic backing that enhances sparkle, allowing the light to shine through them, rather than being reflected) and rhinestones, the buckle's sophisticated style will likely lead the wearer to show it off at the side of the strands, but the strands may also enjoy the spotlight on their own if the buckle-clasp is worn at back. Versatility and ease - decadence for every day. Measures 18" in length.

$ 188.00
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