Connected in Spirit


Glossy and glamorous, we love these amber-hued glass beads for their richness of hue and elegance of finish, and the addition of small golden brass beads among them serves to heighten their sophisticated-yet-approachable style. When determining how best to feature this vintage pair of pins we found at the back of an off-the-beaten-path antique mall (a duo of flowers in 12 karat gold fill and royal blue glass gems that appear to be a late 1940s design by Barclay) we thought the fall-inspired beads might be just the right fit. They're lovely together, and because the brooches are detachable, you can choose to wear the blooms on a sweater this season or enjoy the glass beads on their own if the occasion calls for it. Versatility abounds here, and between color, connection (those draping chains!), and options, there is much to enjoy. Measures 18" in length with a gilt copper clasp at back.
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