Connect with Your Self


It's when you take the time to stop, breathe, and move slowly that you're able to best connect with your self--the true, authentic one that shines best and brightest in its simplest purity.  Amethyst, it is said, brings not only true beauty, but a sense of focus, allowing connection and communion with self.  It took us a few years to slowly and intentionally source all three strands of similarly-sized-and-colored stones, and we definitely feel it was worth the wait.  Faceted nuggets of this gorgeous gemstone in rich purple hue suspend among gilt brass, offering stunning simplicity, a bit of sparkle, and raw, unadulterated glamour.  Pretty powerful--both your self and this necklace, we think.  Gold vermeil toggle clasp at back, measures 17" in length.
$ 368.00
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