Confident Collection


How does one really showcase a sense of confidence? A bright smile, elegant poise, a firm handshake? Let us not forget the power of fashion here, as it takes great self-assurance to present a one-of-a-kind style. These jewels certainly pursue their own stylish path, combining a multitude of elements for a finished look that is as unique as you are! Four strands of faceted bronze pewter (a subdued metallic effect doused with antiquated charm!) are adorned by a collection of various brooches and earrings: one composed of brass and turquoise resin, another of brass and turquoise with glass costume pearls, the third an aqua rhinestone brooch by coro, and lastly, a pair of gold tone and turquoise bead earrings from Japan. Such a dashing crew of adornments, ready to lend you a hand in putting a confident foot forward! Measuring 19" in length, this style attaches with a hammered brass hook from Thailand.

$ 278.00
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