Confidence in Blooming


We've heard somewhere that the best way to alleviate or eliminate a fear is to do the thing you're most afraid to do. And, once you do, the boost you feel from having accomplished that thing far outweighs the worry and concern felt beforehand. Somehow, we thought of this when we stumbled upon this vintage silver filigree flower brooch at auction. How boldly beautiful its petals are and the incredible thought that a flower begins as a tightly-closed bud. Such confidence that must come from its blooming; and maybe this stunning example of wirework and craftsmanship (originally from Mexico) may be an inspiration to do the things. We paired the bold brooch with strands of polished serpentine, adoring the pattern play and glossy finish in contrast to the spectacular details of the flower, and completing the look with a vintage silvertone metal clasp, adjustable from 19 to 20.5" in length.
$ 268.00 $ 218.00
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