Comes Back Around


I first discovered antique glass flower beads from Africa (via Czechoslovakia) maybe a year after starting this business in 2003. I was enchanted by their tiny interlocking petals, allowing them to stack together in textured strands and giving them an almost knitted appearance. Little did I know it would be a few years before I saw them again…and then many years after that for my next sighting. So you can imagine my delight and surprise when I spotted these rare beauties late this summer, especially with their quirky variety in color and pattern. When the Universe offers up this kind of beauty as it comes back around, it’s always a wonderful idea to go along with it. I snatched up all I could find, knowing they would make the most fantastic necklace together, and here we are! Five strands of the flower fun, all clasped by an early 20th-century rhinestone and brass buckle, likely from either Czechoslovakia or Austria (though not marked.) No telling when or if these will every come back around again, so enjoy this beauty while it’s here, friends. Necklace measures 22” length at shortest strand, while the buckle measures 4” length and may be worn at either side or at back for three different looks.

$ 378.00
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