Climb That Ladder


Climb that ladder to the stars--you're on your way, lovely lady! Though we first spied this stunning celluloid buckle last year, we hadn't found the right accompaniment for it, setting it aside for just the right pairing. We knew it would be wonderful as a clasp for a longer look, and when these smaller matte-finished black glass beads showed up in the studio, we wondered if we'd found the fit! The Art Deco ivory-and-black style is right at home with the saucer-like beads, also mixed with some polished black onyx for glossy highlights here and there, and the ease of the throw-on-and-go arrangement is fun and functional all in one. Measures a flattering 29" in length with hook attachment of the buckle as clasp. (Also of note--the buckle could be worn at back to allow just the three strands to show!)
$ 168.00 $ 138.00
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