Clearly Elegant


We don't have to know you personally to know that your style exudes elegance. Judging by your purchases, we can tell that you gravitate to the classics, but from time to time you like to step out on a limb with a fun new twist on your old favorites. Keeping our elegant Elva enthusiasts in mind, we knew that this ensemble of clear crystals would be a fun a addition to your impeccably curated collection. Two strands of polished quartz nuggets, with their smooth yet natural shapes, are adorned at the front by a dangling vintage chandelier ornament (love the way the ornate shape contrasts the strands). A sterling silver toggle is at the back of this 17" style that is clearly elegant - just like you. 

*** A word to the wise:  Because this necklace is made of the loveliest (though somewhat weighty) polished quartz, it has some heft to not for the faint of heart or weak of neck, we'd say.  But worth the exercise for sure!

$ 188.00
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