Clap and Cheer


It took all we had not to clap and cheer and do a double back flip when we discovered this stunning pair of rhinestone clips on a recent vintage adventure.  Not only to find a matched pair, but in such pristine condition...and by the master of magnificent rhinestone jewels, Eisenberg! Oh, what fun to find such gorgeousness unexpectedly, and we could think of no more perfect accompaniment than strands of carved bone beads, their delightful decoration suggesting enthusiasm and glee in stars, dots, and zig-zags. You'll love how easily and effortlessly you'll mix this style in to your look--whether dressed for daytime or out for evening--and we're betting the whole "clap and cheer" thing doesn't end with our flea market's to hoping you find endless reasons to celebrate, too.  Measures 18.5" in length with silvered copper box clasp at back.
$ 358.00
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