Charismatic and Golden


Radiant and gleaming, you are charismatic and golden in any setting, making those around you see life as lovely as you do.  No doubt a necklace like this would be your character and charm incarnate.  Two strands of golden honey crystal, faceted elegantly for sophisticated sparkle, are a stunning and subtle backdrop for the star of the show: an incredibly rare (and equally gorgeous) jeweled brooch by famed costume jewelry house Schreiner.  (Known for wittily setting gemstones upside-down to reveal the pointed "culet" of the gem, this signature arrangement can be seen in the pale citrine-like jewels of this particular brooch.)  Mixing open-backed honey-hued glass jewels with opaque sunny yellow gems, the dome-shaped brooch displays a magnificent mix of yellow beauties.  Altogether, an exquisite array.  The adjustable gold vermeil toggle allows lengths of  18.5 to 20". Golden gal, indeed.

$ 338.00
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