Ceremonial Circumstance


When we stumbled upon this pair of dancers at a recent flea market, we were instantly charmed by their delightful details: mysterious smiles in red painted lips, flowing dresses, golden jewels at neck and wrists, dark, defined eyebrows, playful pose...and the traces of vibrant color spoke of a time in which these two were treasured and enjoyed.  The craftsmanship was stunning--hand carved in shell and hand painted, no doubt with the finest of brushes--and we wanted to honor them in a way that was at once affirmative and fresh.  Dancing at the side of hand-wrought brass beads from Mali, dotted by freshwater pearls, we love the ceremonial circumstance and elegance of it all--very much in line with the brooches' decadent and, no doubt, distinct history, yet also relevant and whimsical and wordly.  A gilt copper clasp (with granulated decoration) fastens the four strands at approximately 18" in length.
$ 338.00
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